• ▶【Centerpiece】Real touch flocked lamb's ear spary is special greenery to fill out wedding bouquet or centerpiece in a natural looking way.
  • ▶【Realistic and Velvet Leaf】Evergreen lambs ear leaves are perfect addition to any romantic or vintage bouquet or arrangement, garland, wreath. The silvery foliage serve as a great backdrop to so many other plants.
  • ▶【Size】This artificial lamb's ear branch has two leafy stems from a soft wired main 28.74" tall and can spread out to 11.8" wide.
  • ▶【Package】3pcs Meiliy artificial lamb's ear . The stems are bent to facilitate the packing and shipping, they can be straightened to prototype easily.
  • ▶【Decorate with Flowers】The fake lifelike lambs ear leaf looks like real plant.Sturdy, long stems have vivid leaves in different sizes. The stems are usually quite long, thus they can add height and structure to any floral design.
  • Meiliy artificial lamb’s ear 3 PCS

    Looking for artificial greenery or leaves? Check out this beautiful, faux leaf bushes. Add color and texture to your wedding bouquets and centerpieces with these leaves to give your designs additional detail and beauty!

    -We wholesale fake lambs ear leaf branches to various dealers, florist, etc. All pictures are token by our team. What you'll receive is the same like the pictures. 

    -You can make the leaves look fluffier by using a hair dryer with LOW volume COOL wind. Please bend them gently in case breaking the iron wire inside.


    2 Pcs Artificial Fake Flocked Lambs Ear Leaf Spray in Grey Green. 204 Flocked leaves.They are named lamb’s ears because of the leaves curved shape and white, soft.


    Made of silk.Lamb’s-ear plants usually densely covered with grey or silver-white, silky-lanate hairs. The stems have a wire inside and are easily bendable.Velvety lambs ear adds so much to your arrangements with it muted green and soft texture.The lambs ear leaves have that natural "fuzzy" feel to them so they look very real.


    Artificial lambs ear leaves are flocked for a realistic, almost velvety feel. This natural feel and look of the fuzzy leaves gives a great accent to real touch feeling.Perfect for home vase, bride boutonnieres, headdress, bouquets, garland, wreath, artifical flowers hair accessories and any floral arrangement or floral project.It also can trim the length and free to bent any shape for DIY,craft projects. 

    Faux lamb's ear leaf in dusty green adds texture and greenery to any classic or romantic floral design.It can create splendid and comfortable look for your room.Suit for Bridal bouquet,wedding parties,home decorations,bookstore,cafe store,cloth shop and all kinds of occasion's decoration.

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Meiliy Artificial Lambs Ear Greenery Stems Spary Picks Leaves Room Decor for Vases DIY Farmhouse Decorations, 3 PCS 28”

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